From Spring/Summer 2017 our boarding services will become the responsibility of our new sister-ship Pamper'n'Pillows!

Offering a limited but VIP holiday home boarding 100% of all proceeds are donated to Lumpy Lodge!  

Please DO NOT complete a booking form until you have made an initial availability request!

If we can help then we will then require a booking form (you can find this in the above drop down menus across the top of the page) and we will ask you to sign a consent vet form fat the time of boarding.

We reserve the right to cancel your booking at any time should the need arise due to personal circumstances or illhealth on our part.  Notice will be provided where possible in order for you to make alternative boarding arrangements and we will be able to provide you with some contacts.  We are therefore unable to accept any liability regarding cancellation of your booking with us.

Important Notes:

1. Your pet(s) must be in good health

2. Your rabbit MUST be vaccinated for both MYXO & VHD/RHD2

This is 2 separate vaccinations which will be required before boarding so please consult your vet for further advice

3. If your pet(s) show signs of illness, injury, dirty or matted bottom or teeth issues we may need to decline boarding

4. Should any owner not return to collect a pet(s) we will seek to contact the relevant authorities to arrange for the pet(s) to be re-homed due to abandonment. We accept no liability for taking this action. 

Please Read Carefully:

If illness or death of an animal occurs we understand it will be a very sad time for the family & this is why there must be a clear understanding of how small animals can contract unknown diseases & illnesses without any clinical symptoms and become poorly very quickly.    If nature chooses to take its course we ask you to respect our policy that we cannot accept any liability for the loss of any animal left in our care by the owner at their own risk.   We will do all in our power to provide treatment and nursing where at all possible with the owners consent.

New For Spring/Summer  2017

Holiday Boarding for Guinea Pigs

1 Guinea Pig - Daily rate £4.50* 

(Add £1 to the daily rate for each add-in guinea pig)

C&C 4'x2' Pen x 2'x1' Loft - Max 2 pigs sharing- 


C&C 4'x2' Pen x 2'x1' Loft - Max 3/4 pigs sharing


Please Note: A heating charge of £1.00 add-on daily during the winter for guinea pigs

​Holiday Boarding for Rabbits

1 Rabbit - Daily rate £7.00*

8'x3' indoor play pen & sleeper - £49.00/£63.00
(Add £2 to the daily rate for bonded pair sharing)

*Minimum stays 7 nights
*10% on stays more than 15 nights

* We accept prescription only medications from a registered vet.