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About Us 

Community animal shelter for rabbits and guinea pigs To promote awareness, educate, rescue animals with importance to all their needs for rehab & future

To rescue unwanted abandoned abused & injured domestic rabbits & guinea pigs.

To rehabilitate them, to vaccinate them, to neuter all rabbits.
To find them a loving adoptive home & provide a supervised bonding process for companionship with another rabbit or guinea pig. To offer a Forever Retirement Home for older or debilitated rabbits and guinea pigs. To enhance our local community by offering programs of animal therapy that benefit disabled persons, children and the elderly. To increase community awareness of the over-population of unwanted rabbits and guinea pigs. To provide advice, support & solutions to help prevent euthanasia of healthy unwanted rabbits & guinea pigs or those which have been acquired without a good understanding of the funding, time, commitment, housing, & husbandry needed by them for a happy, healthy & long life......
LUMPY LODGE was founded in 2002. Many people comment on the unusual name of our Shelter and it usually brings with it a smile of curiosity? This came about when LUMPY our first English Spot rabbit was rescued presenting symptoms of malnutrition and more seriously pasturella. Our shelter usually has an average of 65-90 residents at one time, some looking for that forever home but some who have co...
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Lumpy Lodge Rescue Sanctuary - Non Profit Community Cause